To The Christians

To The Christians


Set aside all the philosophical justifications, nonsensical elaborations, and fabricated argumentations

Logically tackling the information with sound implementation empowered by objective observations

Observe the manifestation of my explanation in written words “convenience” with irrelevant pronunciation

Are three, one? Or is one, three? If so, to what degree? I plea to thee to explain to me this mystery

Your 1 answer seems to negate the truth in these 3: logically, grammatically, and mathematically

Emphatically I respond to put you down like gravity yet academically; don’t blame me I simply hate your blasphemy

It’s sad to see how people claim that God is three while He is He, Unique, unlike I and unlike thee

Islaamically, we promote the truth you see, systematically for everyone who wills to see that

Allaah is the Most Supreme.

Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

05 April 2009

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5 Responses to To The Christians

  1. Anon says:

    Was the above supposed to be a rap? I thought you don’t rap no more.

  2. hussein says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    Dear brother Jazakaalah for your effort of doing the all kinds of activitis activities may Allah accept ur deeds i have a question bro i wanna use your infromation as you said it or videos or the PowerPoint progamme as for Dawah purpose or prestations to non muslims or even muslims so is it ok for to do that download for information i am not going to cut anything may allah protect me for doing it is ok ??????
    akhii bro Jazakalaah Wa salaam calaykum

  3. UMM NUH says:

    As sallamu alaikum my dear brother in islam mashallah!!!
    may Allah aswj) bless you and give you a beautiful position is his Jannah,ameen. please forgive me for my rambeling but my dear brother you have inspired me!! subhanallah you have a wonderful gift and reading your poetry has more so inspired me to be a better muslimah and learn my deen and love ALLAH,his prophets and ISLAM jazakallah for your amazing work.

  4. Namis Mohamed says:

    Love the Poem 🙂
    Masha Allah

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